Saturday, 21 November 2015

A walk in the wood

I had another walk with the camera the other week in my attempt to get to know it. Unfortunately it was raining a bit and a sort of a gloomy day, so what I learned this time had to do with flash and how different things look after it has gone off unexpectedly as opposed to when there is no flash. Basically I was not too happy with most of the photos I took after I came home and looked through them. Husband showed me how to turn the flash off, so hopefully that won't be such a problem again.

This time, instead of the garden, I went to a nearby little wood to see if I could find some interesting things there. Being in among the trees probably didn't really help with the gloominess much, but it did keep a lot of the rain off.

The top of this stump made me sort of imagine a tiny little miniature landscape with tiny little miniature inhabitants.

Here's a cat I met while out. Unfortunately he was not particularly interested in saying hello. Or to have his photo taken either, really.

I don't know what these are, but they look peculiar.

One of the reasons I went out that day was also to see if I could find some things for a little autumnal decoration. I'd already found the conkers and the nuts in our own garden, and thought I might be able to to find some interesting coloured leaves and such. I was not in luck. Everything was we and uninviting due to the rain and I think I left it a bit late for the strongly coloured leaves. I ended up with some forsythia leaves and rosehips from our own garden instead. I have to say it didn't really turn out how I had imagined, but at least it was an attempt.

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