Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Skammerens Datter by Lene Kaaberbøl

I know this book has been translated into English. I believe the titel is The Shamer's Daughter or something similar to that. According to people over on GoodReads, though, apparently there are a couple of gendered slurs used in the translation, which people thought a little unnecessary. I believe this must be down to the translator, because the Danish version, I feel, doesn't really have this problem. Not that I noticed anyway, but I am admittedly not generally very good at noticing these things.

A shamer is a person who can show you all the things you are ashamed of when they look into your eyes. They can see someone's guilt or lack of guilt. Only a very rare person is so utterly devoid of shame that they can look into a shamer's eyes and not be touched by it. Dina is the daughter or a shamer and also has the gift herself. She hates having this ability, because nobody wants to be friends with someone who can see their innermost secrets like that.

Dina's mother is called into the city of Dunark to see and confirm the guilt of a man, accused of murdering the city's ruler and his family. There she unwillingly become embroiled in plots of intrigue and ambition, and Dina must find a way to help her.

This one is the first of the series about the shamer's children. I have been aware of these books for several years now, but somehow never managed to find the interest in reading them before. This year, however, the first book was made into a film which Husband and I went to see. I quite liked the film and it finally inspired me to seek out the book. Now that I've read the book as well, I should like to see the film again.

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